Basic Magical Oils


There’s some recipes from oils that you can use in spells.

You may need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Basic Magical Oils’


1 piece juniper 1 part basil 1 piece jasmine blossoms 9 drops jasmine

Come and See Me

5 drops Patchouli 1 drop Cinnamon smear on a imagecandle of the sex, mix these essential oils in an oil base, To attract the ideal mate and burn with visualization.


3 drops Ginger 1 drop Black Pepper 1 drop Clove Wear to increase your courage before being introduced to people, other nerve-wracking situations, prior to speaking.


4 drops Orange 2 drops Cardamom Wear when feeling depleted drops, when sick, or to strengthen your energy reserves. Especiallyuseful after heavy ritual to recharge your batteries.

Fire #1 (Elemental)

3 drops Ginger 2 drops Rosemary 1 drop Clove 1 drop Petitgrain Wear to invoke the powers such as vitality, courage, strength, love, passion on.

Good Luck

1 tbsp dried Wormwood 3 tsp ground Nutmeg 1/2 tsp powdered Mandrake Root 13 drops Pine 1/4 cup Olive Oil base Allow to sit for 13 nights.

Healing #1

4 drops Rosemary 2 drops Juniper 1 drop Sandalwood Wear to speed healing.


3 drops Myrrh 2 drops Cypress 1 drop Patchouli 1 dried Mint leaf Mix the essential oils in a base of sesame oil. Add the mint leaf that is dried . Wear during rituals of magick. Wear during the waning moon in honor of Hecate, Goddess of the crescent that is evaporating.


3 tablespoons Honey 3 dried Pumpkin Seeds 6 drops Honeysucklel 3 drops Rose 3 drops Patchouly Use 1/4 cup Sunflower Oil as Base When the Moon is full, crush the pumpkin seeds using a mortar pestle, then blend all of the ingredients together by the light of a new white candle. With a silver pin that is sterilized, prick your right thumb add 3 drops of your blood into the mixture. Spit twice to the mixture stir thrice. Store.


4 drops Orange 1 drop Ginger 1 drop Pine To infuse yourself with extra power during potent rituals, anoint with power oil.

Protection #1

5 drops Petitgrain 5 drops Black Pepper Wear for protection against all kinds of attacks. Anoint the windows, doors other parts of the house to guard it.

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