havmand metamorphose


This a spell that I have written, inscribed in candles, charged with energy, and balanced with all the elements. The Gods’ and Goddesses’ will do the rest. It’s up to them if you’re are responsible to be jobless, this must be your desire.

You will need the following things for this spell:

12 water elemental items (no water by itself) 5 electricity charged fish scales 4 preferably used elemental candles (no water) 1 sterling silver bowl full of rain water 2 glass egg cups full of authentic saltwater 1 fresh unscented white candle 1 small bag 1 pair of metal tweezers

Casting Directions for ‘havmand metamorphose’

take off all clothing

place 5 fishscales in the bag, and the place it on any bracket (cardboard box, rock, book)

place white candle on mount

add bowls of saltwater bowls on mount

area with rain water infront of bracket

enter in the opening on spacious elemental

place rainwater bowl in place of plain water elemental

form an invoking pentagram with 4 elemental candles at each point when staying within the visual circle

form a circle with 15 water elemental items along with the 4 candles; place water items in between every candle to form a circle

cast a circle

light all candles excpet the white one

sing this (no chant) and think truely about your mermaid form and the abilities you have

oh for sake gods and goddesses listen to me tonight I beg of you give me my wings and let me fly you haved loved these many years and I have sinned, and lied and completed my wrongs but ive been forgiven many occasions with your pardon I’ll worship thy from the very beginning to the last chapter with your advice permission and my awarded will you understand what I attempt you know what I wish you know the solution to create my legs a bass come to me and stay until morning please change me change it in my command please misure madam and dear poseidon bless me will be true and do the best of worship all I ask for one of many forces please change alter im visioning in my call me legs bind to tail

close your eyes and slowly count till you can feel the numbers floating over your head and you lose track and drain of energy

with everything you have in you pour the real saltwater in the bowl of rain water and dunk your head in with eyes, nose, mouth closed until 5 seconds have passed and escape the water and spill it all over yourself and feel it soak in your skin, it ought to revive your energy. When you feel a greater force coming above you, light the whit candle in front of you light it

this measure is quite important light all of the elemental candles in order and the already lit white candle ought to be infront of you

put all the fish scales in the 4 candles and the previous scale at the white

if youchose to blow the candles out then ensure you let the white die out on its own, the next morning take the scale out of the white candle and carry it with you until you would like to undo the spell

please message me if this dosent work I wish to help!

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