The circle is a coven that has both werewolfs and vampires working together as one complete team to help the human race.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Hope Believe in this

Casting Directions for ‘THE CIRCLE’S ANGEL SPELL (SHOULD WORK!!!)’

This is the spell
Angels flying high
I Want to be you, flying too
Make me one of you
Human no more, only angel that can soar


*Say the spell 3 times at night and then wait.
*Its better to say the spell on a full moon
*Wait 1 month to your wing bones and after this (month afterwards) your wings should start growing, it takes a year to completely grow your wings

*sleep on your gut and in a big T-Shirt or sports bra
*If you feel tickling or pain on your back that’s your wings rather than your creativity
* Dont allow people see your wings, if you show them to someone your wings will collapse and die
*When your wings start to grow There’ll be a little blood and not much pain
*Common powers: rapid healing, calming people down, travel quicker than a car…
*You can display your wings to angels just and you could go to heaven if you are chosen
*Following the spell you will see feathers around you

Learn to fly:

*You should jump off 3 feet and land on something soft.
You will develop a reflex in mind that will tell your wings to start.
*Go to a place where folks dont go often.
*In the beginning you wont be able to fly much just a couple of times a week. But then your wings will become stronger and you will have the ability to fly more often.
*If people see you and you dont know that, nothing will happen and they will think its a hint of the eyes or a big bird

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