Fully Blowted Insence


Inscense combination security, cleansing, tranquility and a boost in relationships.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Ingredients: A Censer A Lighter or A white candle OPTIONAL: A Charcoal to put on the ingredients A pinch of these ingredients: Rosemary (dried herbs) Cinammon (powdered), Vanilla (powdered), Rose (dried herbs), Citric acid (powder) Jasmine (dried herbs) Nettle (dried herbs) AND Salt You may only need a pinch of each one. Not a lot of it. In the case of herbs maybe a few leaves.

Casting Directions for ‘Fully Blowted Insence’

1. Gather all the components around you.
2. Prepare the place, usually an altar to perform to your spell
3. Do a protection circle around you by sprinkling some salt
4. Meditate and collect your energy.
5. Start the procedure.
5.1. Rub a bit of cinnamon on the censer to boost its energy properties.
5.2. Light the charcoal with the lighter and the candle. Make sure you always save and use the same lighter for all of your spells. Otherwise use a charged candle for your job.
5.3. Put the charcoal into the Censer and sprinkle a pinch of salt and cinammon on it.
5.4. Then add the powdered citric acid and vanilla.
5.5. Continue by adding the rest of the ingredients in the censer.
5.6. Nettle should be the first herb to place inside and Rosemary the last one.
6. Use the smoke that’s coming from the censer.
6.1. Inhale the smoke and feel cleansed, secure, succeful, loved and lucky
6.2. Hold the censer and by doing a clockwise motion (circle to the right) smoke your body above your head. Repeat this motion three times in a row. Be careful not to burn yourselves.
6.3. Then take the censer and smoke all the men and women who live in your house and your neighboors.
6.4. Smoke your house, every corner of your house
6.5. Smoke your doorsteps and all the doors and windows of your house
6.6. Let the burner sit and burn on your house main door (the one that is used most frequently to come into the house and get out of the house)
7. Discard the leftovers. Wash the censer with some rosemary.
8. Do this on a daily basis to have a good idea against all odds.

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