Ghost Powder Spell


This easy powder will divert unwelcome ghosts and spirits when placed in their path.It is best done when the moon is waning.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 part dried rosemary leaves,ground 1 part sea salt 1 part garlic powder died black beans

Casting Instructions for ‘Ghost Powder Spell’

Blend the first three ingredients and seal the powder a glass container.Store the beans in a separate container.Beans are a historical charm against ghosts,and black is the best color for banishing.Keep the beans useful for emergencies.Throw or spit beans at a ghost to induce it away.If there’s a ghost or spirit in your home,try to observe its behavior.Note in which area it is most frequently seen,felt,or heard,and pay special attention to its coming and goings.Sprikle the Ghost Powder so as to make a barrier throughout the place where it enters your space.Also scatter the powder where it exits,but make certain to do this when it’s not present,so that you will not trap it into your home.Spirits are simple to predict but can be hard to get rid of,so Ouija boards and seance are dangerous.If you insist on calling on spirits despite this warning,be sure to throw a circle,to protect yourself.Ghost Powder could be sprinkled to mark the ring on the floor.If the Ghost Powder cannot banish the ghost or spirit at your residence,you are dealing with something very stroung and need professional help.Look for a witch,psychic,or alternative practioner who has expertise and experience in banishing ghosts,or helping spirits to move on into the light.

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