Burning Insence Power Spell


This spell gives the spell caster an increased amount of power and energy for spell casting or abilities.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Red candle blue candle rosemary thyme basil knife/needle to draw blood night Bowl (metal, glass, etc.. Not plastic) Lighter Small piece of paper pen/marker – best not to use a pencil

Casting Directions for ‘Burning Insence Power Spell’

This spell was newly made, and is best done if billed.

Get out a piece of paper and write down the spell name, it’s purpose, requirements, and incantation.
Yes, you must physically write down the whole spell. You can shorten it a little, as long as if it doesn’t change the meaning, etc..
Now, place your hand over the paper and imagine your energy flowing through your veins. Imagine putting that energy into the spell. Note: Don’t use a lot of your energy, save some for the spell. Additionally, imagine energy coming from mother nature (from plants, the floor, etc.) imagine it coming from the floor, moving through your body, through your hand and to the paper. Envision energy coming from the world (imagine the sky, the stars, the clouds, etc) going down through the top of your head, through your body, through your hand and into the paper.

While or after you do this, (you can hold the paper if you want) still imagine the energy flowing to the newspaper and chant:
“Wind, fire, water, earth,
I call on you to make this spell magick
so mote it be.”
(Chant from: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/love_spells/enchanting_spells/17050/page.html )
You can create your own chant as well if you’d like.
During this, you may feel coldness, warmth, tingling, etc..
After, you may find a headache. This is an indication you used a lot of your own energy, or it was too much energy which you couldn’t handle just yet.
Now, you are able to do the spell.
Performing the spell

Sit on the floor. It’s best if you sit up straight leaning against a wall or door.
Place the candles in front of you at a angle (confronting your knees, as you are sitting cross-legged.)
Light the candles and place a small glass bowl (ceramic, metal, etc not plastic since it releases toxins) in front of you.
Get a little piece of paper (one inch diameter x length) it doesn’t need to be exact measurements.
Write the following:

Your Name
Date of birth
The words, “bring me power”
Current date.

Though you’re doing so, imagine the outcome and focus on your energy.

Draw a drop of blood and place it on the paper.
While You’re writing on the paper and adding your blood into the newspaper, chant the following:

“Fire in thy casters veins,
Give me thou dearest wish.

Herbs in mother nature’s womb,
Show me what I have missed.”

Continue to chant this as you light the paper with the candle’s flame and placing it in the bowl to burn out. Sprinkle (or place a leaf of) rosemary, rosemary and thyme leaves.

After you add the last herb, chant one more time. Then, add:

“This is my will,
So mote it be.”

Let the paper burn out.

Now, focus on your energy and the energy inside the room.

Imagine the outcome.
If you feel ready, blow out the candles and put the bowl in a dark place, where no one else will find it or touch it.
If you start to get bad luck, rinse the bowl and it’s contents out immediately.
If the spell works, you should feel more energy and energy, as well as you should start to awaken and develop your existing skills, if any.
Once you’re satisfied, or whenever you feel like it, then rinse the bowl out and it’s contents.
Do not rinse the bowl immediately should you begin to see results with your skills. It is possible to give it time. The contents in the bowl is what drawing in power, so in the event that you wash it out, it prevents the spell from working, meaning, it stops drawing in more power.
Good luck. If you need help, mail me!


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