Calming Warmth


Calm yourself. Best used before strong spells that could be stressful or spells that will change you or another object/person physically.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A handful of red currants A lily-of-the-valley (warning: poisonous) Magnolia blossoms Chamomile A candle A quiet room or outside area, rather locked or personal Cumin and/or salt Clover Basil leaves, fresh Fennel seeds, fresh Lemon zest, fresh Lemon balm Geranium flowers Cinnamon

Casting Instructions for ‘Calming Warmth’

Sprinkle the cumin and/or salt in a wide circle around one to protect from evil that may disrupt the calm.

Light the candle (preferably black or white) and burn the cinnamon. Sit calmly and let your thoughts float away. Concentrate on the fire, watching it. Find the white flames in the middle, then look through it, staring into nothingness. Keep doing this until your mind and the fire are empty of negative or distracting thoughts. Hold the magnolia blossoms in your hands. Imagine calming energy flowing in, forcing negative thoughts into the fire.

Perform the staring exercise again, this time pushing out the negative thoughts. When the candle is cleared, close your eyes.
Press on the bridge of your nose between the eyes. With eyes closed, move them to stare at the spot. It could take a few tries, but be patient.

You should see a dot of light, either tiny or large. Stare at the light. Keep staring at the light. Try to see it expanding to fill your head with light, now find another light at the point on the nose and do the same. Keep doing this until the point of light resembles a lotus flower spreading outward. Focus on this point until it dissipates, then open your eyes. Burn the clover, basil, fennel, and lemon zest. Hold the geranium and lemon balm above it, then drop them once the rest has burnt. As the herbs burn one by one, concentrate on the scents and the fire’s white point, doing the staring exercise.

When all of the herbs are burned, lay the lily-of-the-valley and chamomile before the candle. Chant this verse while burning it till it burns off. If it burns fully mid-chant, finish the chant before moving on.

“No storm to anger, no demolishing fire. Peace is all that I need. Not a windstorm or an earthquake to bring down me, my mind is clear and my spirit is sound. The rain may fall, but gently, pray, and a flickering flame holds through day and night. The ground may hold me, but not shake and swing, and the wind may blow, if nothing does split. No darkness creeping, no crawling beasts. Spirit and light hold calming peace. If they are attacked they may hold their ground, thus my mind is clear and my spirit is sound.”

Perform the candle exercise to clear your mind again, then the purpose of light exercise. Pick up the magnolia flowers, draw out your negative energy to them, then throw them outside the ring, being careful not to leave it yourself. Meditate on the candle for a few minutes, then cup your hands over it (don’t burn yourself!) And imagine the positive, soothing energy streaming into your hands and about to another chakras. Feel the energy flow through you and calming you, and channel the energy. At some point, the candle will snuff out itself. Chant a verse to complete-
“My mind is clear and my spirit is sound. The earth, fire, air, water, they circle around. A soothing barrier to keep me clear, a barrier of light to keep me here. A spell I shall cast of energy and energy, keep me calm and safe in these slipping hours.” Disregard the last portion of the verse if you are not preparing for a spell. If you are-

Bury the candle after you perform the spell you calmed yourself for. Any more candles for that spell especially may be disposed of the spell tells you.

Calming and Meditation
Meditate on the candle by focusing as hard as you can without straining so as to clear your mind of any thoughts but the candle. If you strain, you pressure yourself and break the calm. Pull positive energy from the candle, gradually loosening your focus. When the focus drops, your mind will be clear. This will probably take fifteen minutes or longer to get the full effect. Repeat as necessary.

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