Abundance Tarot Spell


Abundance spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

Vanilla Incense (Amber will do as well.)
Purple Cloth
5 Tumbled Citrine Stones

Casting Instructions for ‘Abundance Tarot Spell’

Build your altar as you wish, but with a purple altar cloth. Leave enough space in the middle to lay out a tarot spread described below. Invoke the gods from your pantheon as you wish. Just never invoke gods from pantheons other than your own. Give first prayers and offerings of the vanilla incense. On the purple clothes lay a citrine in the top of the clothe, one to the far left, one to the far right and one at the bottom near you. Sort of like watch towers. Now place the following cards on the table in this exact order: In the center, place the Fool, for innocence. On the right, the Empress, for power over life. On the left, the Chariot, for energy and confidence. Directly below, the World, for a sense of completeness when the task is done. Directly above, the Sun, refecting happiness and contentment as well as success. Then place the last citrine on the Fool card. The power of this Sun crystal will center your desire for abundance and draw it to you. Hold your hands over the layout and speak the following 3 times: By the glory of the gods above and below, I seek the blessings of the elements one and all. Bless and bring power to the spell I cast, Bring to me abundance that will forever last. Leave the set-up in place for twenty-four hours. Do not leave for longer than this, as the spell will start to reverse itself. You can repeat this spell every other day as needed.

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