Abundant Pantry Spell


To ensure enough to eat. This is really meant for a friend or stranger but you can do it for yourself.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Green Candle
Gold Candle
Silver Candle
Basket of food to donate
Green gift basket plastic wrap
Gold ribbon

Casting Instructions for ‘Abundant Pantry Spell’

Arrange and set up your altar as directed. you may wish to have a separate table set up next to your altar, since you will be crafting some. Invoke the gods of your own pantheon. Give first prayers and offerings.

Now hold your hand over all the components that you need and speak the following:

”Sweet gods of my heart and my faith,
Bless this craft I weave in this time and space.
Give your gifts of abundance to that which I make,
See to those I give this gift are blessed, this I state.
Sweet and generous gods of my love and heart
fill and keep the home abundant as much as a shopping mart.
Let them never starve nor ever be in need,
This I beseech of you, so mote it be.”

Now take the food you wish to donate and place it in the basket. Make sure it is non-perishable foods. (no meat, poultry or fish. Nor foods that will go bad fast) Then wrap the plastic wrap about it. With the gold ribbon tie the green plastic up with nine knots. As you do chant the following:

”One, two, three,
Abundance come to thee/me.
Four, Five, Six,
Abundance to ____ now afix.
Seven, Eight, Nine
Abundance now by thine/mine.”

Place the basket on your altar or work space, between the three candles. Then light three candle. Repeat this chant for each candle as you light them:

”Let my offer of sharing and caring expand.
This I ask most humbly.”

Now sit and meditate on the basket. See the energy from the candles bless the basket of gifts with the power of abundance. At the same time, feel free to change the basket as well with more energy.

Repeat this ritual for three nights, moving the candles closer to the basket each time. Just not too close to set the basket ablaze.

Now give the basket to someone you know who is in need. As they open it, the energy will release from the basket and fill their home with abundance.

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