Feel Become or like a Cat


This is a spell to feel like or become a cat.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Figurine Resembling a Cat (looks like a cat, does not need to be a cat) Music at the background that you like Cat Hair No people in the same area Liking or loving of cats. Voice Imagination

Casting Instructions for ‘Feel like or Become a Cat’

1. Put the figurine.
2. Put the music on in the background.
3. Set the cat hair touching or on the figurine.
4. Then say this 3 times:

Iwant to be a cat,
no predators,
fast speed,
claws for climbing,
I request Bastet to make me a cat,
this is my will, so mote it be.

5. Take the cat hair off the figurine and place the hair on your head. Keep it there, if it falls off, its ok, but dont take it off.
6. Kiss the figurine.
7. Listen to the music before the end.
Side effects: If you do this perfect, you will become a cat. Otherwise, you will act and be like a cat, which is cool.

Better Climbing
Sharper Nails
Sharper Teeth
Better Speed
Better Night Vision
Better Hearing
Better Smell
Licking Self

How to change into and out of a cat:

This may take from 3 days to a month, and when the side effects get stressed try these.
To change to a cat, imagine the cat you want to be and whisper cat form, cat form, change me. To change back into a human, lick yourself 3 times on the paw and meow in between licks, then envision that paw with your ear.
Contact me if you have questions.

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