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Although The Doors of Your Mind has been reposted in quite a few places, I am pretty sure it initially appeared on the r/ThreeKings subreddit about two decades back. Shortly after The Three Kings game itself required r/NoSleep on by storm, a spin-off sub devoted solely to “recipes” and experiences for similar games was created. It played host to a massive flurry of activities shortly after its creation; since then, it’s slowed down somewhat, with new articles being fewer and arriving farther between. It’s still an interesting place to go to, though, so check it out in case you have not already.

This game is also sometimes known as “Doors to the Mind,” though it shouldn’t be confused with the creepypasta “Gateway of the Mind.” In accordance with redditor u/brickell, it is not quite as dangerous as a number of these sorts of rituals tend to be; it’s still best to proceed with caution, however. After all, you never know what may be lurking in the corners of your head.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 principal. 1 partner. A quiet room. A few candles. Matches or a lighter. An alarm clock. A pillow (optional). A recording device (optional).

Casting Instructions for ‘Doors to the Mind’

The Prelude:
1. Begin whenever you feel most relaxed.
2. Find a quiet room, dim the lights, and set up your candles. Use the matches or lighter to light the candles, being mindful of fire hazards as you do this. If you would like to record your experience, install your chosen device and begin recording.
3. Set the alarm clock to go off one hour from the time you begin.
4. Have your partner sit on the floor; you yourself should lie down with your head in your partner’s lap, facing up. You may use your pillow if you like. Close your eyes.
5. Have your partner begin rubbing your temples in slow, circular motions. The tempo should be stable, and the overall feeling relaxing. Keep your eyes closed.
6. Your partner will function as your guide for this next portion. Have them speak these words to you: “You are at one end of a lengthy corridor. There are numerous doors on each side of this corridor, spanning the whole length. I would like you to research these doors and the rooms behind them. Describe to me what you can see, hear, touch, and feel with great detail.”
The Exploration:
1. Now, you should find yourself in the corridor. Traverse it, exploring the doors which line it and the rooms kept behind the doors; as you move, describe each and everything you encounter. There are no rules as to how best to explore the corridor and its rooms; you may, however, find the following tips helpful: Pay as much attention to yourself regarding your environment. What are you wearing? What is in your pockets? Do you have anything significant about your person? Whatever you find, it may be useful.
Take a good look (and feel, and so forth) of each door before you open it. What colour is it? What size and shape is it? What does the handle look like? Is the handle an irregular temperature? These details and more might provide hints about what waits behind the door itself.
You don’t need to open each door. Trust your instincts: If you feel it would be unwise to enter one… don’t open it.
The Return:
1. When the alarm goes off, your spouse should guide you back to the real world. The exact words spoken to do so are up to your spouse, but in all cases, the corridor should recede and any doors which have been opened should be closed by the end.
2. As soon as you’ve returned, blow out the candles and turn off the recording device (if using). You may listen to your recording in your leisure; or, you might choose never to listen to it. It’s entirely your choice.
Additional Notes:
This game could be played as many times as you desire. When you have played it enough times, you might no longer need the alarm clock; your spouse should have the ability to ascertain when you are ready to make your way back.
If you enter a room full of clocks, do NOT touch any of the clocks and leave the room instantly.
If you encounter an old lady, do NOT speak to her and leave the room instantly.
If you encounter a guy in a suit — especially one who inspires feelings of unease or dread –explain him immediately to your spouse. Your partner should then end the session, regardless as to whether the alarm has gone off. If your partner is not able to end the session, do NOT speak to him and leave the room immediately.
Some doors may be locked, blocked, or otherwise barred. Check your person to see if you have a key; if you don’t, however, do not worry — you may simply not be prepared to address whatever is behind it yet. Leave the door shut and move on.
It’s not unheard of personages struck in specific rooms to lock you inside. 1 player recounted an instance in which his partner — in this instance, his sister — was needed to shake him violently in order to pull him back into reality.
A Word of Advice:
Tread carefully. Your mind is not always your friend.

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