Wolf’s Mind


Will enable you to enter the mind of a wolf depending upon your understanding of magick and the power of your mind.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A bowl of water Literally a pinch of Dirt Literally a pinch of sugar A meat of some sort Night time Any moon phase during a waxing moon Full concentration on the task at hand

Casting Instructions for ‘Wolf’s Mind’

Sit down with the bowl of water and the meat before you, water to the meat and left to the right. Say:

On this night of the waxing moon,
I give my thoughts up to the wolf,
I give my mind up to the moon,
And may I return at sunrise.

With this take the dirt and sprinkle it in the water. Then say:

This dirt enters the water,
As a sign of a forest stream,
Ever changing and running,
As the wolf beverages.

Then take the sugar and sprinkle it onto the meat. Then say:

This sugar lands on the meat,
As a sign of the sweetness of fresh food,
So tasty and juicy,
As the wolf eats.

Then drink as much of the water as you need, and think in your head:

As the wolf would drink from a stream,
I drink from a stream also,
I’m the wolf.

Then eat as much of the meat as you want, and think in your head:

Since the wolf would devour a carcass,
I devour one too,
I’m the wolf.

Then say aloud:

Grant me my wish,
For tonight I shall be a wolf,
And until sunrise,
I shall hunt, eat, and drink,
In a forest with a pack or alone,
I shall run through the trees,
This is my will, so mote it be!

Now go to bed.
If it works for you, message me!
Note: You will not transform into a wolf, your mind/conscience will be transported into a wolf somewhere on Earth. Based on how strong your brain is, you might have the ability to control the wolf. Most likely you will watch through the wolfs eyes.

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