Dream Pillow


Having trouble sleeping? Consider making a dream pillow.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 rectangle pieces of cloth (5×9 in or 127X228 mm) Thread needle Herbs:Lavender, mug wort, cinnamon (if you need active fantasies), catnip, chamomile, jasmine, and skullcap. Candle anointed for working

Casting Directions for ‘Dream Pillow’

1. Start off by gathering all your ingredients to the place that you most often sleep and establish a sacred space.
2. Light the functioning candle as you work.
3. Sew both rectangle pieces of fabric together (right side in)so that three of the sides have been sown together. Leave one of the ends open.
4. Turn the bag you’ve just sown inside out and make the edges neat.
5. Place herbs into the tote in equal proportion.
6. Fill bag until it has the desirable weight when put over your eyes.
7. Do not overstuff and turn and sew the open end to close the bag.
8. Hold the bag to your heart and think of pleasant sleep while you say the following.

“The sunrise follows the night in passing time
To call us back out of journies with a chime
This New Moon is a time of rest
Help me put this worry to sleep within my breast
Let it sleep because I do and find peace
So when I wake I may find release
Goddess (God) I ask thee to stay by my side
Guard body and my soul where they live
If you wish me journey this night so mote it be
Allow my sleep be calm and purifying as the sea
Mind, body, and soul need rest
Help me to get this in my nest.”

Blow the candle out and close the space.

NEVER WASH the pillow in the machine! The herbs will mold and you wont be able to use it anymore.

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