Enhance Creativity


A Termopolyan Spell.

Immensely difficult, with severe consequences for a miscast. Increases creativity for a period of one fortnight.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Termopolyan Stab Access to fresh air

Casting Directions for ‘Enhance Creativity’

Make sure your Stab is charged: before attempting this spell. An Stab will lead to nothing.

Perform the spell to cleanse yourself of evil thoughts. Go outdoors. Grasp the Stab on your non-dominant hand at shoulder level. With your dominant hand, grasp your Stab as far down as you can without bending over.

Eliminate from your Stab. Hold your dominant arm straight out in front of you so that the Stab no longer rests onthe ground. Turn the Stab in order that the underside points out right in front of you.

The following: Omtts le cwitablits altsttice. Mzhyors lyi cwiti psi. (Prn. Oh-ma-tees (a nasal, s as in pass) lae quee-thahb-lee-thaes (ths as in path, s as in pass), ahl-thihs-tee-cae (th as in path). Mazh-yor-ahs (zh like s in pleasure, s as in pass) lyee quee-thee (th as in path) pa-zee (a nasal).)

Maintain the Stab elevated for at least 5 minutes.
Possible Effects

Severe loss of creativity for eight to ten months (maybe up to two years), and creativity will return extremely slowly, but may never return fully.

Loss of individuality.

Inability to think for yourself.

Inability to communicate for many days.

Inability to figure things out .

Severely decreased IQ for a long time, after which IQ will gradually return but will not return.

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