Dragon Egg


Not worked for everyone!
Gives you an egg! Rank : Really Advanced

You will need the following items for this spell:

6 Blue Candles 7 White Candles 3 (component) Candles Voice and Belief Power and Visualising Paper, pen, and color pencils 3 Nights Alone-time

Casting Instructions for ‘Dragon Egg’

• Sit cross-legged and search your elements
• Place the blue candles first in front of you
• Say this :

Dragons of dragons, listen to me! Let me have your dragon egg, I will never make harm for it! I will take care of it daily! So mote it be!

Without turning off those candles, put and light up the white candles behind you and say :

Dragons of dragons, listen to me! Let me have your dragon egg! I will make promise to you that I will take care of it! If Im not taking care of it, take the dragon and punish me! So mote it be!

Place the element candles in your hands, and say :

Dragons of dragons, listen to me! Let me please have it, Im really wanting to take care of it! Please for its my will, so mote it be!

Now turn off the candles but dont go them and draw the egg you need in your paper, make it features!
• Now draw the dragon you want if its adult, make it characteristics!
• Colour them and make sure its related to your part
• Chant the final sayings every night for 3-7 nights!
• Dont forget for one day or it doesn’t works
• Place the paper under your pillow everyday and conceal the candles!
*** Side Effects ***
• Dreaming : This impacts began after you chanted once
• Communicating : This effects began after you chanted thrice
• Hallucinations : This impacts began 7 days after chanted once
• Feeling : This effects began 7 days after chanted once
• Hearing : This impacts began 10 days after chanted once
• Roaring : This effects started 15 days after chanted once
• Egg : This fact started 30 days after chanted once
*** List of Eggs ***
Water : Regularly fell in water and waterfall, please check waters in your property.
Earth : Frequently fell in dirt or grounds
Fire : Hiding everywhere
Wind : Frequently in the racing winds area
Forest : In any plantings
*** Warnings ***
• Take care the egg!
• Dont forget to chant 3 days fully!
• Dont take the candles or paper prior to getting the egg!
*** Story ***
I snatched my initial egg about 3 years ago, it was adorable! Its element is wind!
I called him Slive. I took care of him 2 years and now hes back to the dragons world. I let him! I felt still communicating with him!
Now the communication is cut with many issues!
Now, your turn to have a dragon!

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