Demonic Revenge


A very powerful spell that help you to secretly punish the one which you hate.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A pentagram
A magic circle
5 candles (white is best option)
Possess by forces

Casting Directions for ‘Demonic Revenge’

Like I said this is a very dangerous spell. Whatever involves demonic presence are better to maintain hidden. I suggest you to use trick spells when things havent go serious. This spell is for the most desperate moment. Reconsider if you dont need to throw yourself in a danger spot. In addition, I need to tell you that even the smallest mistake during the ritual will cause injury to your life. If you’re an advanced or expert caster then it is fine. Learn all the basics about summoning ritual before practice this dark magic.

Ok. Now, ready, place the candles in there rightful places, and go to your place. Spend a minute to concentrate, collect all of the hateful feeling you save for this moment. Put the object in the middle of the triangle. Dont forget to light up the candels. The thing I recommend is something you can hide (a key, a teddybear…) or anything which you believe is the best. Get ready and read out

I collect all strong elements of the universe, gather their capability to do this spell. I contact the dark side by using my wholesome magic! I here by open a portal to hell, call assistance from a diabolical and hateful demon, now you can pass the portal! Stop or things will get worse for you. Listen me clearly, Ive sent you here to help me punish a living, which has harmed me. You can unleash your power of evil. You will never be able to harm me but harm the enemy which I told you to. By possessing that object I selected, your evil deeds will be accepted as our curse fall upon our enemy. So mote it be!

Important: Clean the circle right after you finish the ceremony to keep yourself safe. Recommend a protection spell for you before perform summoning spell to prevent any ownership from the demons bad intention. Creative is the trick to success in spell casting. If you can then hide the object inside the enemys home immediately. Or consider it as a fake peace offering.

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