To get Revenge Hex


To get revenge . To make the person suffer , image anything and it’ll be done too these, this spell is kind of like also get back at someone who has did you wrong ! Warning ! Evil Black Magic !

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Black candle
1 Black ink pen
1 Black ribbon
1 image of the person your binding org eing revenge on.
1 envelope

Casting Instructions for ‘To get Revenge Hex’

Lit the black candle and be sitting in indian style.
Then take the individual’s image and look and imaged revenge on the person, what you need too picture that happens to them focus on that .
Then take the image and take the black ribbon and wrap the ribbon around the image. While wrapping the ribbon
I bind you from everybody, I shut your world , I reveal just darkness no lighting , I punish you , you can never harm , hurt or utilize manipulation never against me or anyone else, I string you too the ground so you can not get up , I bind you too the seat so that you may not proceed , I ill snakes on you , so that you may scream in pain , I put everylasting torment on you , forever and ever as I will it so mote it be
Then take the wax out of the black candle then pour it on the ribbon .
then say :
I seal it through thee artwork of my anger , sorrow and saddness. (or say what ever you feel out of being involved with this individual) I bind you too insanity , pain and misery and I sent you far way from me .

Then take the black pen and write the individual name on the envelope . Then put the picture that has a ribbon wrapped around it and wax on the top of it and then stick it in the envelope.
Then burned the envelope with picture and say :
You can’t hurt me any more through any resources you have no power over me and you shall see that everything you put me through can be reverse back too you 4 times fold . So shall will see so mote it be .

When completed dispose of ashes . Or what ever is lefted of

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