Possess An Enemy


This charm will possessed your enemy while your sleeping at night in a bed. Note:This spell takes alot of energy really dangerous! If each ingredient in this spell is done correctly more opportunities the victim will be much easier to possessed.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Monday (opinional)
Night Time
Meditation (Clear Mind)
5 black or white candles
Quite dark Location

Casting Instructions for ‘Have An Enemy’

Meditation Progress: Go to a quiet room to begin on your meditation. Sit down in a meditation position and let go all distractions. Calmy focus on your breathing in from the nose then releasing from your mouth.Repeat this till your head is completely clear. Visualizin though meditation: While your mind is apparent imagine looking at your victim confront, say their name once with a gentle steady voice.Now imagine your soul is interning in Their body.Once you feel your spirit trapped inside the body chant this once:

Oh,Spirits remain my soul into my prey through the night as I snooze, so mote it be! Absorb Dark Energy: Now close your eyes and imagine dark energy mist frglowing around you you, centering within your body (chakras). Once you feel that the dark energy in you the mediation is conpleted,you’re now charged up. Now youll have to write who you need possess on a paper and draw a pentagram on the paper,with title in the center(First Last). Lay each candles on the 5 points of this pentagram.Light the candles then chant the following:

Spirits as I put move my soul to locate my prey!

Blow the candles out, place the paper under the pillow. Final Description! When you sleep you will dream, but you will be in charge of your dream and you’ll be possessing the person who you wished in your spirit possess.When your body wakes up your spirit will return to our body and the individual will be in controlof themselfs again. CAUTION: This charm is harmful I wouldnt reco mend this for beginnners. Note: This spell works best on Monday!


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