Revenge Spell


This spell causes an enemy and it will permit you to get vengeance. I warn yo, however, I would never use this spell because the consequences are too great. So think before you act what you send out will come back to you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Something private from the enemy (a lock of hair, their name written on a piece of paper, even a picture)This thing must be rather small and easy to burn
A knife or athame
Two black candles
One red candle

Casting Instructions for ‘Revenge Spell’

Create a pentagram that is medium-sized with the salt, sprinkling it out on a hard, flat surface. Put around the pentagram in a triangle. Put the personal object of your enemy in the center of the pentagram and triangle. Take your knife or athame and use it to slice open your hands (it takes blood to get blood) and then let your blood drip down onto the thing in the center of the pentagram. Chant, “Powers of vengeance, come to me. Cover me and help me destroy my enemy. Take them and take from them what they owe. Allow my fury and my wrath show. Take my blood as an offering and do to them the harm that was done to me!” Light each one of the candles beginning with the red and then moving clockwise around until you light the final black. Then, take the red candle and, in the sequence that you lit them touch each of the flames into the object, setting it on fire. Put out each candle’s flame with your blood. Now, allow the item burn until it is nothing but ashes and the flames put themselves out. Now, harm will come to your enemy. I can promise you that. But, like I mentioned in the description, beware the consequences…

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