Demon Favor


Preferable done independently, but with higher magic. This may leave you with withdrawal symptoms for a few days if you are not skilled enough to summon a demon in the higher planes.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 seal of Michal of the south 1 seal of Raphel of the east 1 seal of Gabriel of the west 1 seal of Uriel of the north 2 Wishing runes Silver cup/Goblet (filled with water) Sharp object (silver prefered) 4 black candles 1 white candle pencil Salt Towel Lighter/ matches

Casting Directions for ‘Demon Favor’

Very Best time- 11:00 pm
Best Moon- No moon
Hang the seals in there respected direction.
Place the needing runes directly opposing each other, the paper touching but there upside down if you look at them.
Place 1 black candle each side of the needing runes (there should be two each rune)
The White candle must be in the middle of the two runes; this should be the only thing separating them.
Spread the salt on the sharp object of choice, and place the Object onto the towel.
*while dispersing the salt on the item whisper chant
Tainted now with all the salt on the grant me protection from who I may come to see (say this several times)
Light the 4 black candles and sit next to your wishing rune.
Write down the favor which you need from the demon and your name gender and age in many different corners.
When you are done chant~
For the demon I ask to be here granting my favor as it appears. I will grant your wish in return, for long as it is in my power I shall do what’s deserved.
The demon will look after some time, but it might not be a pleasant one. If the Demon try’s anything to damage or hurt light the candle, hold up the sharp thing and say~
Demon from hell of whom you are return to the wretched stink ruled by your kin. Don’t return to me ever summoned. Go rot in the darkness return no more.
Move the thing it the shape of the star until the demon disappears.
If the demon is a rotten one. Wait for some time more over another day and try again.
When the spell works you have to excite the demon into striking a deal.
If the demon won’t make a deal, you must trick the demon into writing its name, age, sex, on its wanting rune.
You take the cup and drink from it. Offer the cup into the demon and if it drinks you are to take its rune.
This forces a Contract. Or bondman of the demons soul to your soul. The demon can’t leave until it has fulfilled its favour and contains its rune back.
This may take several weeks and the demon may attempt to trick you into giving the rune back, but never listen. If you do then you will become the demons spouse.
When the contract/ Bondmen is complete setup the same way but with all white candles and chant:

Demon of mine that’s been bind to me. I set you free this day. No longer will you listen to me, no longer following or need to obey. You finished your deal so allow me to complete my own. As of today you may leave this world alone.

The demon will drink from the goblet and so must you

From once you came you will return, I as your only contact as you have learned, you can not hurt me as you pass though these worlds. The goddess wills it because it is going to be so mote it’s.

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