Cloud Ball


Can be used to pull moisture and condensation to one place and cause a storm.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Cloud Ball’

Take some moisture and separate the essence of the moisture itself and the energy of the moisture. Meaning you would have the moisture and its energy but different from each other so the energy would still be energy of moisture but not connected to any moisture and the moisture would have no energy but they are still the same basically you have the identical thing in two places, its the exact same thing but its also not.
Fuse it by add the half of the energy of the wind (energy of air thats blowing) and half of just the air (the essence of the atmosphere not the energy meaning you divide the energy from the air totally separate it from the air meaning you have energy-less atmosphere btw dont let go of the essences) and add a number of the energy of the moisture and moisture itself (these are different from each other theyre not still trying to join together again dont mix these together with another 2 that still wish to be the same).
Imagine that fusion of wind,air,moisture energy, and moisture basically becoming wet and sticky wind (youll understand). Use the tacky wind power and as you start to fuse youll feel as if the two energys (the moisture and its energy im calling them both energys for simplicity) are trying to come back together slow them down and let them do it but stop when they just start to mix and fuse back then move the sticky air between the 2 and make it so that it acts as a wall between the energy of moisture and the real moisture so that the components that touched are fused and its the same again but nevertheless distinct as the tacky wind is keeping it slightly seperate while still needing to be whole

Now use your real psy and surround that mix and have it fill in any gaps in energy then shell that psy and collect air(using its energy) and make it gather around the outside of the shell and then change it so it feels drawn to the interior of the first shell while being hauled out from the shell. Now make another shell around the air with psy and shell it to keep that air inside charge the atmosphere once its inside with energy and make the interior of the second shell so that it pushs the air aginst the first shell from all directions
Feel the energy of the tacky wind inside the first shell and the energy of the air within the next shell now I imagine a small (thimble sized approximately) filter on either side of the first shell imagine that the atmosphere within the next shell is flowing into the initial and shifting into stickywind while at the same time make 2 holes on each side of the next shell that attract and draw in air and moisture from outside the shells into the second shell and becoming moisture whilst not mixing with the tacky wind or moisture already there. Then basically fire it up into the sky after you have it stable enough that it can function by itself. If there are clouds around

Aim the psy ball and shoot it in the cloud and let it stay the air and moisture will collect into the first shell and become tacky wind which holds it together and moisture which will fall to the floor once you finally fire the ball change the cubes structure from wall like to elastic and stretchy like rubber but more thick and durable also tell the ball just how much moisture to collect (ie if you need a storm to come quickly imagine it becoming stormy quickly and raining really hard or you would like it to storm a long time envision it gathering a lot of energy fast and raining slowly or such and such).
Telling it how much moisture to collect before discharging will dictate the weather but can also be influenced by other weather conditions that are already there. If theres a natural storm coming and you add this to it that storm will be veeeery big. Its also effected by how compact the energy is packed and it could have cause different weather based on where the holes and filters are
For your first try make the thing a world and place the holes and filters that absorb the air and moisture on diffenernt sides but at the same lvl. This is all dictated by you how much control you have how much you are able to think ahead for how much electricity you can handle.
You’ll need to produce the energy of the shells able to expand while still containing it but have a limit to how much it can hold before breaking. The results may vary tho based on how much moisture is already around, how hot it is and fast the wind is blowing already.

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