Clearing house of negative energies version 1.


Method 1 of clearing your home and yourself of negative energies and entities.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Stick of sage (or sage incense)
Bowl with a handful of clay cat litter in it

Casting Instructions for ‘Clearing house of negative energies version 1’

Sage sticks are really bundles of sage tied together to make a stick. There are multiple kinds of sage, but the least bad smelling type when burnt is Desert Sage. But sage incense is good also. Sage sticks are found in new age and occult stores, as well as herb shops too. The burning of sage to purify an area originated in the Native Americans.

The cat litter in the bowl will help to snuff out the sage stick when you are done. But the bowl is not needed if you are using incense, you simply need an incense holder.

So first, the sage that is light stick. Make sure plenty of smoke is coming up out of it. Sometimes if it is difficult to light, it means there’s a good deal of negative energy in the space. But when it smokes, carry the stick round the room, chanting “Love and peace fill this space, negativity is from the place” go into closets too, then go to a window, open it to allow the negative energies leave, shut it, then trace a banishing pentagram over the window, while saying “this window is sealed” go to doorways and other windows in the room, saying “this window/door is sealed.” Repeat in every room in the house, don’t skip a spot. When done, go outside and move the smoke around you saying “only peace and love reside within me, all negative and evil now leaves” add additional words if you desire. Do the same for any family, friends or pets which are there. Then snuff out the volcano. Receive a container of salt, and place a circle of salt around your house. This is a shield for your home. As you do, chant “protection I lay upon here” or anything you feel better suits. When you’re done, say “In the name of the lord and lady, this house is protected, so mote it be!”

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