Banish Evil Spirits and Negative engery


This spell banishes all negative energy and evil spirits from areas within your home.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Candle – in a jar, not a stick candle, you do not wanna burn yourself with hot wax
A lighter

Casting Directions for ‘Banish Evil Spirits and Negative engery’

Have you ever walked into a room in your house and just gotten very creeped out? Or were doing something in a room and felt bad feelings and like you were being watched? This charm will help with that.

The spell is extremely simple, yet extremely strong. I used it to get rid of the negative energy in my dwelling.

Begin by lighting the candle, it can be any colour but black will work the best. Take the candle into the room, keep the lights off and just allow the candle light the room.
Begin walking throughout the space. I do not believe in memorizing and chant for banishing. Its best if you use your own words so that you have more power.
Tell the energy in the room that is not positive that it has to leave the room, the home, along with the area. Be sure to inform the bad energy that the candle’s flame will suck it into the fire, and remove it.

Say as many things as you like, but keep your cool. The evil spirits may attempt to frighten you. But they cannot touch you as long as you stay strong and keep the candle lit.

As soon as you covered the space, tell the spirits and energy that it isn’t welcome, and once you blow out the candle, it’ll be removed and never can return.

Leave the room and blow out the candle. Don’t enter the room until at least 15 minutes. Then all that bad feelings and these will be gone.

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