Chakra Healing Cleansing Ritual Bath


This is will help with your sexual chakra and cleanse you from negativity. It can also assist with yeast infections and cleansing of the tubes and vagina and uterus or alleviate cramping.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Toilet, hot or very warm
White and black candle
Organza pouch or even a tied up coffee napkin
Quartz and/or citrine crystal
Smudge stick
Crushed garlic
Calendula flowers
Red clover
Astralagus root
Don Qui
Morter and pestal
Rue incense
Essential oils
Other bath salts
Vibrationy music

Casting Directions for ‘Chakra Healing Cleansing Ritual Bath’

Ensure that your bathroom is clean. Proceed to the bathroom beforehand also.

Crush the garlic

Mix up the herbs, place them in the bag. Let it sit for a little to allow the antioxidants release. DO NOT PUT IN THE SALT YET.

Light the candles in a safe place in your toilet. Place the two candles facing reverse directions of eachother

Start prepping and while drawing the water. Light the incense, start the music, add the salt to the water, that sort of stuff. Place the crystals next to the bath. Smudge your bathroom or even entire house. If you’re cursed you may add some black salts or sulfur.

Set the pouch in the bath and get in and unwind. Don’t try to bother it, it is going to go where it needs to.

Stay in for a minimum of 30 minutes. If the bag looks swollen don’t hesitate to squeeze a little, that’s the handbag and bag filling up with too much water.

You may feel as if you will need to pee after a little bit, however it’s not urine. It is your chakra, and you’ll feel it in the vibrationy music. Just don’t control it, you won’t soil yourself. Let it go.

Get out and stand in the bath for a few seconds, let the water and negativity drip off from you. Then do your normal out of toilet regular, with of course blowing out or snuffing the candles and incense.

Last but not least, be sure to clean your tub with 30 minutes of getting out. The salt and such will make soap scum and that is just gross.

(NOTE: If you completed your period, you may see chunks. That is because the herbs have reached inside of you outside your cervix and that is leftover. Or you may see chunks of white when you’ve got a yeast infection, even if you don’t know it. Sometimes when you think it goes away on it’s own it really does not, it spreads into your uterus and this bath is cleansing all the excess out of your uterus and vagina)

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