Banish Cigarette Smoking From Your Life


This spell is meant to help you to never need, crave, desire, or even smoke another cigarette.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Mortar and Pestles (Crushing ingredients and holding them, Cup and something to crush ingredients)

Casting Instructions for ‘Banish Cigarette Smoking From The Life’

Cast a circle.
Place Sage and cloves as a base part on your cup which is in the middle of the circle. Mix them around evenly. The sage is for purity and the cloves demonstrate your intent. As you blend these take as many incense sticks as you feel like and crush them in the mix. The Powder you are making should be dark, black even. Keep mixing it. Now, take as many cigarettes as you desire (the more you do, the more powerful the spell works) and crush the tobacco and put it to the mix. Focus your goal as you keep mixing it, and dispose of the butts, do not litter them nor put them in the cup.

The mixture is complete, and take the cigarette paper and write down on these why you wish to stop in the wiccan alphabet. This requires more time and clarity, and the stronger effort you put into this spell the stronger it gets. Do this on all papers.

When you feel the mixture is prepared, BURN THE ENTIRE MIXTURE, either near a window or most preferred, OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE. Watch as all of the ingredients burn together, the incense covers most of the tobacco smell depending, and the sage and cloves take away from the tobacco burning.

When the whole thing is done burning, it ought to be cake-like and black. MIX IT AGAIN. Stare into it as these are what your lungs look like with each drag you take. Keep mixing. Store the powder someplace where it will not be tampered with. It is best to keep this mixture for at least a week or so, looking at it whenever you crave a cigarette, if you even crave them at all.

Saturn has the overall rule on banishing spells, so doing this on a Saturday helps tremendously. At least a week after, take these ashes and bring them and destroy the mixture, however you feel necessary. Bury it, place it near a ocean shore, etc.. The craving should go away once you take a smell of the essence you created when you first make it. If you continue to smoke, that is your call. If you feel the desire less and less, your intention was strong, and the amount you put into the spell pays off.

Another things you can do is take smokes, do not break or crush them and put them in public. A graffiti pentacle works just fine, and but the complete cigarettes in the circle and leave. People will walk by and pick up the smokes, and once they’re all made use of, you need will shorten, less and less.

I did so and at first I kept smoking, but the desire shortened. As of now, I have said no to every cigarette provided to me and never have had cigarettes in an adequate amount of time. How you do this spell and its effectiveness is completely up to you.

I hope this helps.

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