Bowynn 3rd Eye


Conventional Bowynn ritual to Enhance psychic powers

You will need the following items for this spell:

6 white candles 7 purples candles Yarrow Tea

Casting Directions for ‘Bowynn 3rd Eye’

Start off by setting up your altar as you normally wish. Follow up with the invokation of gods of your religion. (Note; the goddess is from the Bowynn faith. Don’t invoke her unless you are of the Bowynn faith. Instead substitute names with your own.)
Begin by sitting quietly surround by the 13 candles (they should be varies ex: purple, pink, purple, white…) Speak the very first prayer to Rhya, thanking her for her gifts and just being. After, Begin to light the candles and with each one lit state
With Rhyas blessing
When done take the tea and sit on your own meditative pillow with the cup of tea. Drink the tea but not all of it. Just half. Now gaze fixedly to the surface of the tea like it was a scrying mirror (If your hand isn’t steady, put it at the ground in front of you. Now say:
Lady Lady Rhya,
All-seeing Queen of the Gods
And deliverer of psychic giftss.
I ask thee now to open my third eye
And show me the hidden light.
Allow me to see the future.
Let me see the past.
Allow Me to understand the wisdom
Of the universe, as so you Desire
And as so you want me to see.
Lord Brand, to you I pray,
Grant me the gifts thy mother gave you.
Allow Me to understand the wisdom
Of the world, as so you Desire
And as so you want me to see.
To see, to scry, to divine.
After chanting, relax, breathe slowly and focus on opening your 3rd Eye. See your eye as a purple flower on your forehead that’s closed. Imagine it opening with each breath you exhale.
Continue this till the candles snuff themselves out.

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