Fundamental Circle Casting Part II


This is how to take your circle down as soon as you’ve completed your ritual or magickal workings.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A yellow, red, blue, green, and purple candle OR five white tea lights An athame or wand (optional) A candle snuffer

Casting Instructions for ‘Fundamental Circle Casting Part II’

When you’re finished with your ritual or magickal workings, it is important to not forget to take down the circle. Never leave the energy you’ve raised hanging.
Begin this in the east of your cast circle. Point with your wand, athame, or pointer finger in the volcano, and call out: Farewell, Air, Guardian of the East. You are now dismissed. Draw a pentacle over the Air candle (this is saluting it) and extinguish it using the snuffer. Never just blow out your candles. This is considered bad luck.
Proceed to the southernmost candle of your circle. Point with your wand, athame, or index finger and recite: Farewell, Fire, Guardian of the South. You are now dismissed. Salute the element, and extinguish the candle.
Do likewise for the rest of the elements in your circle until all of the candles are out. Then, you’re free to go.
Don’t hesitate to be creative with these two spells! Write your own chants for when you invoke and dismiss the components, or perhaps even write certain chants for special occasions like holidays, sabbats, and such. You dont always have to use candles to represent the components, I simply prefer to. Some people today use a wand, a feather, or incense for Air, a celebrity or perhaps a piece of charcoal for Fire, a bowl of water for Water, a rock or a bowl of salt for Earth, and a statue or picture of a deity for Spirit. Feel free to get creative and personalize your own circle casting. This is your practice. Dont feel pressured to imitate others.

This is a continuation of Basic Circle Casting, found here

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