Bowynn Garland of Blessed Abundance


This is a Bowynn holiday spell-craft. Great generated during Yule and Beltane, or some other holiday where apples are a sacred symbol if you are of the Bowynn faith or not.

You may need the following items for this Bowynn Garland of Blessed Abundance spell:

Branches of apple trees
Apple Tree leaves.
3 Green Candles
Green and yellow ribbon
Apple incense
Small toys
Wish ties

Casting Instructions for ‘Bowynn Garland of Blessed Abundance

First you will need a place. You might want to do this spell-craft on a table next to or in front of your altar. Set up as you see fit and invoke the gods of your own pantheon.

As you wish, offer offerings and then your prayers.

Lay the branchs of apple upon your altar and light the 3 candles in front of it. Hold your hands over the branches and talk the following:

“Goddess of the candy orchard I request thee
May what I craft here bring abundance to me.
Blessing to the home this bough hang inside.
Bless the ones that pass under it and reside within.”

As you gaze at the candles and the branch send to apples green energy and the branches of prosperity. Think of all of the aspects of your life. Visualize these blessings. Feel the warm abundance energy in your life being illuminated by the candle flames. Watch the blossoms of the branch as evidence that the prosperity of life is always renewing itself. See the apples as the fruit to nurture abundance in your life.

Take the apples and cut them and poke two holes in the center. Use the green and also yellow ribbon and begin tie the branches together so that you get a great long garland to decorate the main archway of your residence. As you sing the following or do chant:

“Baul O aead ad Alaway nod urst.
Baul O aead tau bront em jerst.”

(This is a bowynn traditional hymn. If you are uncomfortable with it, feel free to replace it with some of your liking)

Now use ribbon to attach the apple discs and decorate the garland.

When done take the garland up in your hands and say:

“To the gods and goddess of my love
I offer to thee that garland
And hang it from a place of honor above.
I sanctify and bless the gifts that are garland
And may
That bough their hearts do lift.”

Hang the ritually at the archway of your home or within your front door. Then hang the toys that are tiny or prayer ties to it. Leave the garland. When dead and dried out, choose the garland down and burn it or bury it.

Love and Light to all.¬† May this¬†Bowynn Garland of Blessed Abundance work it’s magic!

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