Black Curse


Another to be cursed by A spell.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Six black candles that are unused
Six nails
Six needles
Six pins / tacks
Two pieces of paper
Pen / marker
Lighter / matches
Six black pouches

Casting Instructions for ‘Black Curse’

Draw a six pointed star on one of those pieces of paper. It will turn out to seem like David’s star, but it’s not.

Now take the candles and put one at each point of the star, and do the same with the nails, needles, and pins / tacks. Rip a small part of the second paper off and write the person’s name you wish to curse on it. It’s best if you’ve first, last, and (if they have one) their middle name written down, this way it’ll be more effective.

Light the candles in a counterclockwise motion. Make sure you know which candle you lit, you will have to understand this for the rest of the spell.

Take the paper with the person’s name on it and burn a portion of it at the first candle you lit, then burn another part in the second candle you lit, move to the next one you lit, and so on. While doing so, say the following aloud, imagining them in your mind.

“By Demons and Angels,
By Goddesses and Gods,
I curse ________,
As a punishment for all the hardships he / she has put me through.
This black curse,
This black power,
I curse thee.”

Simply say the above chant once, otherwise it wont work.

From the time you reach the sixth and last candle, the entire paper ought to be burnt to ashes.

Blow the candles out in the REVERSE order where you lit them, saying, “So mote it be!” Whenever the FIRST candle you lit was blown out.


Divide up the ashes from the burnt paper into six unique pouches, and place one of each thing you used (except the candles) and put one of each into different components. When you’ve done this you should have six black pouches each containing ash, one nail, one needle, and one pin / tack inside of it.

Now choose 1 pouch and bury it on your own property, and take another and bury it close or on the individual’s property that your trying to curse. You should now have four components left. Bury the rest of the pouches in different locations around your community. This will complete the Black Curse.

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