A Curse to Shed Inspiration


This curse will cause your target to shed inspiration for something in their life.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A cloth poppet
A needle and thread
A taglock
A curse sigil to Shed inspiration
Cotton balls
String (optional)
Sand or dirt
Toxic herbs (optional)
A jar
Honey or molasses (optional)

Casting Directions for ‘A Curse to Lose Inspiration’

Create a poppet of your goal. Add a taglock in its chest, or draw a likeness of the face on the poppet’s head.

Some ideas for taglocks: hair, nail clippings, a copy of their handwriting, an object of theirs, a picture of these, a copy of their fingerprint, etc..

Draw a curse sigil for losing inspiration and then wrap it around the taglock. Alternatively, draw it to the back of the poppet’s mind, opposite of the face (if you drew one).

Fill the inside of the head with cotton balls, to fog their mind up and muddle their thoughts. You could, alternatively, tangle up some string into a ball to have their ideas tangled and confused.

Weigh down the poppet’s limbs with sand or dirt, so the goal is heavy, sluggish, and unmotivated to do what they have to do.

If you have access to any poisonous herbs, then you can put some in the chest of the poppet to “poison” their creativity and drive.

Remember to always, always, always research any poisonous herbs you intend to utilize thoroughly, and take whatever precautions necessary to keep yourself safe – you don’t want to hurt yourself to hurt somebody else!

Seal the poppet closed, with the goals of trapping all the negativity within them, and preventing any inspiration from going in.

In the end, pop that poppet in a jar, and then fill it with honey or molasses – some sort of viscous liquid – to maintain the target stuck.

Put the jar in a dark place, to keep them in the dark.

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