Horoscopes for Friday, March 09, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

Jupiter begins a retrograde phase on your birthday, which means you need to look carefully at the things you value the most. Have you been putting material success ahead of emotional security? If so, you may need to do the opposite for a while.


According to the planets you have neglected certain work-related obligations in recent months and need to make amends to those who have missed out because of your neglect. Don’t look on it as a chore, look on it as a matter of honor.


You have let those around you have their say – now it is your turn to point out a few home truths. Choose your words carefully but choose them for maximum impact too. Speak calmly and softly but make sure everyone gets the message.


You will need to change your approach to wealth-related issues today and over the weekend. As Jupiter begins one of its retrograde phases you can no longer trust in Lady Luck to look after you. Do you have a long-term plan? If not, get one!


It’s official: you’ve had your fill of certain people and their constant complaining and now you must let them know they have tried your patience once too often. By all means get a bit angry today – it’s important that they get the message.


You may not get what you want on the work front over the next few days but you will get what you need and that’s much more important. The universe knows what is good for you and if you listen to your heart you will know too.


As Jupiter turns retrograde in your fellow Water sign of Scorpio today it’s quite likely you will be put to the test. Confidence is half the battle. Believe that you have what it takes to succeed and there are few things that will be able to stop you.


Yes you do have what it takes to succeed and anyone who suggests otherwise is not your friend and must be ignored. You’re a Leo and you’re a winner and opportunities to showcase your talents will come thick and fast over the next few weeks.


According to the planets you have just about reached your physical and emotional limits, so don’t push yourself too hard. Give yourself time to recover from your recent exertions and you will soon be on the up again. Virgo is never down for long.


You may look calm on the outside but on the inside you are a tempest of doubts and anxieties. Be that as it may you have an image to live up to and must keep your fears to yourself. If others see you panic they will most likely panic too!


It’s not like you to make much of an effort to accommodate other people’s beliefs, so why are you doing so now? Maybe it’s because you are tired of arguing over issues that, deep down, you know are of little importance. Let them believe what they like.


Are you expecting too much of yourself? The thought has occurred to you and as Jupiter, your ruler, turns retrograde today you may feel you need to tone down your aims a little. Nonsense. You’re a Sag, so expect more of yourself, not less!


Try not to be too impatient with people who refuse to accept new ideas or who keep harking back to the past. Not everyone can be as creative or as concerned with the future as you, so make allowances and don’t waste time on petty arguments.

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