Balance the Elements Within


To bring balance to the body and mind.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 White Candle 1 Blue Candle 1 Red Candle 1 Yellow Candle 1 Green Candle Full Moon

Casting Directions for ‘Balance the Elements Within’

All information on this page is provided by the coven and the contents of the page is not mediated by the administrators of the website. Please use common sense when following any directions on this page. Do not injest anything that does not seem safe. If you suspect the content of the page to be intentionally deceiving please contact us immediately. Balance the Elements within you Balance the components within you Collect up the items that you require, and pick an area in which you wont be disturbed or distracted. Cast a circle.

Put all 5 candles in front of you, and lighting them one by one and say the following as one is lit:

Green Candle: Elements of Earth, I call you near, Balance within me, For unbalance I dread.

Yellow Candle: Elements of Air, I call you near, Balance within me, For unbalance I fear.

Red Candle: Elements of Fire, I call you near, Balance within me, For unbalance I fear.

Blue Candle: Elements of Water, I call you near, Balance in my own, For unbalance I fear.

White Candle: Components of Spirit, I call you near, Balance in my own, For unbalance I dread.

Sit in front of the 5 candles and put your arms around yourself like you’re giving yourself a hug. Visualize a white light coming out of your hands and into your body, balancing everything within you, the good and the bad (be honest). And say this chant 3 times:

Five elements Ive called, in my they brawled. Balance once more, Spirit fix these four!

Eliminate your arms from around yourself, and meditate in front of the candles, 5 minutes at least. Think to yourself of all your positive and negative qualities. Be completely honest with yourself, no matter how much you rather not think of your negative qualities. In this meditation accept yourself completely, the bad the good, and even the ugly. Balance cannot be attained when within yourself there’s unbalance of yourself, when you do not accept your negative qualities you wind up accepting more of your positive qualities. Consider it like having great on one side of the scale, and bad on the other, and you pushing your finger on the good side to make it triumph in weight. Let these two equal out, because without one, there is no other. So unless you plan on completely cancelling out your positive and negative qualities, this spell is a keeper! Let the candles burn themselves out or use a candle snuffer to put them out, release the quarters and close the circle.

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