Basic Energy Gathering


This is a really beginner friendly spell where you gather all of your energy between your hands and by that you’re making a power ball. It is really great exercise for individuals to later having the ability to generate a fire ball.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Silent place Complete concentration

Casting Directions for ‘Basic Energy Gathering’

1) Sit in a quiet place where you may also could be meditating, and where no one can interrupt you through the process.

2) Place your hands in front of you and imagine them holding a ball. They sort of shapes an invisible ball.

3) Breathe very slowly, and concentrate on your breath. How you’re inhaling and exhaling.

4) Now that you’re COMPLETELY relaxed. Focusing on the ball between your hands. You are now going to close you eyes, visualize a white ball of light in your solar plexus. If you’re doing it correctly you need to feel the light as energy, and you should be able to feel the energy inside of you. A warm feeling.

5) Visualize the light (energy) going through your body, out through your left arm, your left hand and outside. Make the energy move gradually out your arm so that you can feel the energy leaving a hint of warmth wherever it goes. Feel the warmth before you let the energy ball move farther.

6) Visualize the power ball going through your hand and feel the warmth going through the hand and from the palm with a bizarre stretching feeling. Now you should be able to sense just a little bit of heat on the right hand as well. The reason being is that the ball is between your hands and like a fire, you can feel the warmth from it.

7) Concentrate as long as there’s still heat in your body and most important; between your palms. Still have your eyes closed under the entire process from when you closed them. When you are not able to feel any warmth or energy between your fingers, the energy has left you, and you need to press the invisible ball you left with your palms into a little tiny hole. Lay your arms in your legs and relax for additional just a little time just to end the procedure. Now you’re just gonna open your eyes.

ATTENTION: If it dosen’t work it’s not because magick dose not exist or something like that. It is simply because your working with energy and that you require complete concentration to move energy in the earth around. It will work if you practice. And sometimes it works the first time which it did for me. A simple thing such as controlling energy, I wouldn’t call magick. It’s only a method of controlling the things around you. Very easy :-RRB- Good luck.

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