Aura Manipulation


This is my trick to using Auras. I said in my profile that I use them to calm down and tame creatures, but that’s only one of many things you can do.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Directions for ‘Aura Manipulation’

Close your eyes. (This is to help you concentrate). Focus, when you are fully focused, look at your Aura, then(if you have one) look at the goals aura. Close your eyes, while recalling the shape and colour of the Aura(s)
*This is the hard part! * Use your mental prowess to shape the Aura the direction you wish, it always depends upon your intent. When I wanted an animal to calm down, I’d take my Aura and fill it with calm and content energies before surrounding the target.
If you have a goal, it is going to take more strength, as you need to surround the target with your Aura first. If its just you as the goal, it wont take as much, and it will be easier. Make sure if you do it on yourself, you concentrate on keeping a very thin boundary between the aura still around you and the air youre using.
When you have finished, use your brain to combine the auras. It will seal your air. Keep focused and your eyes closed, and unwind. Try again, if the auras seperate. If not, you did it!
When you first begin, use your aura on SMALL items around you, not yourself or large items, believe me, without training your aura may start back at you if you attempt something big too soon. And if on yourself? It may actually harm you.
You may feel lightheaded, sick, or extremely dizzy in the middle of it. If so, I suggest returning your aura back to you rather than trying again for 1-3 hours, as it may permanently damage it. Youll know when its safe to try again in the event you feel better and your air is ordinary.
Don’t use this while youre sick, as it may actually contain energies which will cause you to the target sick. If the goal is an item, it is going to manifest germs which will also make you sick. If after completed, you feel helpless, replenish your energy with some meals. After training for some time, you may not feel helpless after doing something from training.

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