Altering energy into the Moon


This is a spell of my own designee. It takes the casters present energy and much like a blood trans fusion replaces your energy with that of the moons. This is extremely useful because it can amplify your energy and you’ll be able to transfer it into other things. So like making moon water now all you need is a dark space with some quiet time to transfer some of the energy into the water.

You will need the following items for this spell:

– Three white candles – Salt – A black blanket (big enough to sit on) – A moon phase of your choosing (the phase gives of different energys so pick wisely) – And what ever else like a wand and what not.

Casting Instructions for ‘Altering energy to the Moon’

Choose a spot to lay out your blanket in direct moon light. Be it a window or at the park or your lawn just be sure that the light is on the blanket. But before you lay out the blanket bless the space and your Items. Take your blanket and put it down. sprinkle the salt on the blanket. Now when you sit on the blanket put one candle behind you and the other two on ether side of you (do not light the candles). Meditate and clear your head. Then state the following.

To mother moon I am true my love and your light are all that’s in me tonight. Bless me on this blessed night with all my might make me your celebrity child to night. Replace what’s with in and fill me out for this is my request for you my woman of rest. Ego enim anima mea in sempiternum et si iungi miscerique vobis polliceor. Cum enim quamdiu subsistam, et non estis nunc ad altare tuum sit.

Now meditate and select every thing up go have a cold shower no speaking for one hour. Go to sleep after the shower. Your energy needs to change over night if not try one more time that normally does it. So best of luck friend and blessed be.

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