Energy back to Earth


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Casting Instructions for ‘Energy back to Earth’

This ritual doesnt require any candles or any incense. Proceed to the woods, the desert, anything in the wild, where its far from any people. If you can’t then work on your magical place and either have a plotted plant or four plain stones.
Sit on the ground and put your palms on the dirt beneath you (or plant, or stone). Visualize the earth from space as a blueish-white world of positive, whole, healed energy. Experience it as a living organism. When you are ready, say these words:

Pure are plains and the caves,
Pure are the sod and hills,
Pure are the winds and skies,
Pristine are hills and the lakes,
pure are the clouds and rains,
Pure are the woods and trees,
Pristine are the valleys deep,
Pure are the bays and seas.

Renew your visualization and say:

Pure are the birds that fly,
Pure will be the hounds and bats,
Pure are the snakes and fish,
Pure will be the hares and cats,
Pure will be the owls and snakes,
Pure are deer and the stags,
Pure will be the lizards green,
Pure are all creatures here.

Renew your visualization. Feel the earth. Block ideas of the ravages which our planet has been exposed by our species to. See the earth. Then say these, or whatever words come to mind:

As I get your energy, now receive mine.

Pour out and to the ground. Gently send it spiraling down into our planet, lending it the strength to survive. Willingly give of yourself for a few minutes while imagining that shining blue planet hanging in the sky. After a couple of moments, end the ritual by lifting your hands and standing. (If performing this inside, place the rocks or plotted plant on the floor outside to allow the earth to consume the energy.)

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