Angelic Summoning


To Summon a trio of angelic beings in a time of need. They can help with just about any task, but be warned, this isn’t to be done by the light hearted.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Deep Breathing Willpower Desire Concentration Imagination 3 White Candles (Optional)

Casting Directions for ‘Angelic Summoning’

1) Alte your state of conciousness into the Alpha State.

2) Cast your circle (or Sphere) of electricity.

3) Create a statement of your intent to the world in any way you feel comfortable doing this, so long as it’s clar to you.

4) Gather and increase your energy.

5) Dress the candles as appropriate, and light them, keeig them lit throughout the course of th spell.

6) Recite the spell three times, directing the magical energy you’ve gathered in a spiral clockwise motion, directing and building is force as you speak.
“Angels hear my voice now sound,
All the way Down from the Ground,
Help me in my time of need,
Stop the foils without Heed.”

7) Visualize angelic beings filling yor prescence, standing beside you, and guiding you through yor issue.

8) Place this visualization in the swirling energy, and hold onto the over all visualization.

9) After you complete the third time throug the spell, send each bi of accumulated energy into the skies, through your solar plexus chakra, knowing it will manifest.

10) Perform a suitable banishing for any energy left over, close your circle, ground and center yourself.

11) Take time during the rest of the day to feel for prescences near you. If you feel one, o locate a wrought iron (a sign of the prescence) address them as pple you simply can’t see, and tell them what you would like done, and do so with the most polite of demeanors.
12) Perform some real, outwards action to find the goal your angels do for you manifest better.


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