Animal Spirit Link


To connect with one’s spirit animal. You must know your soul animal to execute this.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Brown candle (creatures, earth) Lavender candle (consciousness, reflection) Blue candle (communication, understanding, protection, loyalty, patience, harmony) Yellow candle (strengthens the imagination and concentration in a ritual, used in rituals for gaining people’s trust) Green candle (nature appreciation, good fortune) Black candle (eliminating negative energy) White candle 2 agate stones (defense) 2 stones corresponding to your zodiac sign 2 scolecite stones (dreams) two malachite stones (fantasies) Representation of your soul animal (three-dimensional objects work better than horizontal photographs or drawings) Paper Permanent mark 2 large crystal quartz Two luck charm/stones 2 small drawstring bags or pouches that you can hang on your neck, identical Water Red clover, flowers and/or leaves (boon of domestic animals) Sea salt (grounding, purification) Sesame seeds (life force) Wheat (fruitfulness, bounty, rebirth Parsley (protection, purification) Paprika (creative energy) Cauldron Things for building a fire Wooden spoon

Casting Instructions for ‘Animal Spirit Link’

For the zodiac stone, check here.

This spell, like many others, will work best if done inside the midnight hour. Go out to a place where you can be in isolation on a full moons night.
Establish a circle if you desire. Start a fire in the center, and place a white candle to its best. Place a pot or cauldron over it and fill with water halfway.
Place 1 of each rock in each pouch, and put a lucky item in each. Leave out the masonry. Pull the strings tight. Hang one around your neck. Imagine an astral animal (your spirit animal) wearing one. This will be hard if it is a spider or octopus or something without a lot of neck, so imagine it tied or attached to their body. Place the other pouch at the opposite side of this circle.

Light your white candle and then pull out your paper and marker. Use something like a book or piece of wood to write on, then place the paper on top and draw a pentagram in every corner of the newspaper. Write what you would like your spirit animal to look like. Pick the breed/species, the color of its fur or skin, how large you want it to be, its gender, et cetera. Give it a name, or maybe it does not respond when you call for it.

Draw a large pentagram between the top two pentagrams, and set your quartz on it. Put the other quartz in your astral animals pouch.
Add red clover, sesame seeds, wheat, salt, parsley and paprika to your (probably now boiling) water. Stir it while chanting the following.

Scales, feathers, fangs and fur,
Seek this magic mixture that I stir.
Talons, claws, padded foot,
Come into the smoke and come to the soot.

When you’re done, choose the black candle and light it on the left of the cauldron.
Light the yellow candle. Set the paper on the floor and set the candle on the top left pentagram. Replace the quartz. Chant the following verse:

In my fantasies, I ask of thee,
A/n (your animal) may be exactly what I see.
Now is the time to focus,
Believe, imagine, meditate.

Meditate. Imagine the stones and good luck charm floating in black space, then their energy pouring into you. Visualize your spirit animal and yourself floating in an astral plane, or if you are able to, explore the astral plane to view it. Move so you’re looking through your own eyes. Now, visualize yourself going to stand like the creature. Now, visualize yourself merging with your soul animal until you are looking through their eyes. Practice moving as them on your head, and telepathically call out to them.

Do this a couple times, then drift back out. When the candles have blown out or the fire has gone out, relight them. Light the lavender candle, putting it at the bottom right, and chant:

Manifest on the physical plane;
(name), my (animal), I call you by name.
I connect my soul to yours, by the power of three;
We are as one, so mote it be.
Call their name out three times telepathically.
Light the blue candle and set it on the bottom-left pentagram. Chant:
We will communicate, we will comprehend;
I will be patient and wait for you, my friend.
I’m linked to (animal)s, so I’m linked to thee;
We’ll protect each other in perfect harmony.

Imagine your spirit and your soul animals spirit as rings. They’ll pass through each other and link. Finally, light the brown candle. Chant:

(animal) spirit, I call out.
In my heart there isn’t any doubt.
Reunite me with the earth,
In my spirits new rebirth.
Pick up the four candles, clockwise from the top left. Blow out the top one so your breath goes north, the next one so it goes east, the third so that it moves south and the fourth so it goes west. Put out the fire and the black/white candles with the mixture you made in the cauldron. Keep the pouch with you till your soul animal comes to you. Another one should be kept in a special place.
Note: If your spirit animal isnt realistic, then it is possible only you will see them.

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