Birth of a spirt


In this spell the caster will become pregnant using a spirt. It is only visible through the minds eye, so no one will know unless you decide to tell them.

You will need the following items for this spell:

10 Small gemstones Blessed water 3 Cloves 5 Bay leaves 1 table-spoon of salt 3 Months 2 Pieces of paper 5 rose buds

Casting Instructions for ‘Birth of a spirt’

Before you begin this spell you need to be sure you need to do it. As soon as you begin, there’s no going back. 1 week before beginning the spell, place all 10 diamonds across the womb. Imagine your energy of creation flowing into them, filling them with a bright blue energy. The gems will be fully charged after about ten minutes, but you can stay like this for as long as you desire. On the night you wish to start this spell get out your paper and drawing materials. Draw a picture of how you believe your soul would look as a toddler. Don’t be uptight and to strict with the way you create this paper, consider it like one of those pregnancy scrapbooks with cute pictures and vivid colors. Personalize it however you like! Once your done with the paper, place it aside and get the other sheet.
On this sheet write:

And fill in the info. Stack both sheets and fold into a little square, and draw a pentagram on it in silver marker. Put it near your bed, maybe on your pillowcase, under your mattress, or in your nightstand. Every night before you go to bed, recite this to it:
You are there, I know,
Even if your form doesn’t show.
May you thrive in bliss,
Whether your mister or miss,
My love will keep you strong.
That is my wish so mote it be.
And kiss it and put it back. Recite this for your first month and then switch to this on the next month:
May you prosper and grow,
Your form Beginning to show,
My love Is here for you.
Trust me, love me,
So mote it be.
On the start of the third month begin reciting this one:
You’re there,
I care,
Now we’re together,
I’ll love you forever,
Spirit child of mine.
The end of the next month is a huge time. It is the time of birth for your new soul! Congrats! Around noon, take the crystals you charged three months ago and take them out. Set up a circle were you intend to birth your spirt. Within the circle place the cloves, salt, bay leaves, blessed water, and rose buds. Head back out to your own circle at dusk, and start to crush all of the ingredients together. Continue until you create a thick paste.
Stare into the sunset and say:
as the sun gives way to the moon,
And the night sky births from the light,
I will start my spiritual birth.
Now apply the glue to your lower stomach, third eye, breasts, and feet. Watch the sunset in this way. Now from her you have two choices: you can either wash off the paste now and go to bed and recite your own words to the paper one final time, or you can sing a tune or two with the moon take a cleansing bath and go to bed. In the morning you may have the ability to understand your spirit. If not, try feeling it along with your other senses. Over time you will have the ability to see and hear your new spirit! Email me if you have any questions, if you have done the spell, or if your thinking of trying this! Thank you for your time. *NOTICE*: please do not speed this spell before your actually tried it. Thank you!

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