Link With An Animal


Link with an animal.

You may need the following items for this spell:

An animal to link with
Powdered, A bone
A drop of your blood
The animal’s hair
Two collars, oughtto be similar, but should fit you. They should look like creature collars. If the animal does not wear a collar, then skip this.
Apple juice
Oak leaf
Athame (or just a normal knife)
Calendula flowers
A brown candle
A black candle
Two whi te candles
An indigo candle
A light blue candle
A cauldron or bowl to hold the potion
Something to burn your items that are dried on
Matches or lighter (if you’re fancy, use a flashlight)

Casting Instructions for ‘Link With An Animal’

A week ahead of the spell, boil apple juice, celery, coriander, salt, calendula blossoms, and mint together. Save a little of drying the remaining flowers and herbs. If you desire, mix them together. Add a tiny pinch of powdered bone. Let it sit and boil, mixing it together for as long as you deem necessary, then leave to sit for a week before straining it to separate the liquid in the components.

Arrange the candles at a pentagon. Put the brown candle at the top, then the two white candles on the row beneath it, and at the bottom of the pentagon, place indigo on the left and light blue on the right side. Put the white candles in the middle. Put the potion on the left and the burning surface on the right of the candles, and a pet bed or something else for your pet to sit on on the opposite side of your set up, far from the flames. Bring it there.
Get the animal to sit down. Try to have them remain in 1 place for the entire spell. If the animal wears a collar, make sure it’s wearing it, then put yours on. Try to keep it calm. If you desire, meditate before the spell. Try to connect with the pet’s mind. Get it to calm down and stay still. Make it relax. When you’re done, light the candles, starting with the top one and working counterclockwise, finishing with the black candle. Burn the acorn, oak leaf, and remaining ingredients with a little bit of powdered bone. After this, keep your pet calm and chant:

(Animal) of mine, I respect you.
I wish to associate with your mind and bind our souls.
We will be linked, and it will never be broken.
ou will live as long as I, and we won’t need to be apart.
We’ll talk in each other’s minds,
And I will have the ability to see exactly what you see, as you’ll be able to find out what I do.
Please, allow me to link with you and become one.
I want to be a part of you, and have you be a part of me.

Take the potion, and use a finger or thumb to set the potion on the brow, backs of hands/front paws, lower back, and back of neck of you and your pet. Then meditate again, this time focusing on linking to your pet’s head, and focus on a chain or connection forming between your minds, softening to a thick string of energy, and connect your mind with the pet’s. Then, as soon as you’re connected, slowly ease out of meditation, and try to keep the connectYion. Pour the potion on the flames of the burning ingredients, then on the candles in the opposite order they were lit. Perform your usual post-spell rituals and items, then kiss your pet on the head.

Every day for the next week, meditate and link with your pet, o if the connection is already there, strengthen it.r

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