A way to call spirits to your help if its really needed and if you do that spell right they will come. *Do beware this spell may damage actions that are certain*

You will need the following items for this spell:

Blood (Does not matter where it come from just make sure its fresh).
Liquor (doesn’t matter which kind).
Lotions or oils ( Scent needs to be wealthy).
Little stone or crescent.
Place in a graveyard.
Good loud voice.
Several darker candles you can place around you
Option item* You will be in a graveyard so casting a circle is essential.

Casting Directions for ‘Abomination’

*Reader please do keep in mind that when the objects are mentioned in the spell you place them on your altar or the place your performing the ritual:

The deadI beg and plea, Allow me to destroy my enemies, Raise from your graves in agony, Bring fourth your music of eternity, I ask you to raise, let my words whisper to thee.

Long lost spirits of the dead, I offer you blood to help raise from your beds, (Drop blood round the place your sitting in the specific graveyard.) I offer you a place in my soul, Taste the spirits I fill in my bowl, (Pour liquor into the bowl) Enter in my emotions, Smell the beautiful flowers I have turned into lotions, (Dip your stone into the lotions or oils.) The of witches increases with the power of the dead, you’ll be rewarded lets keep that said. I ask for the power of the night, The kind that provides strength and might, The sorts of knowledge that you gain in fright, I also ask you open my third sight, So I will see your glorious light. I take my descend, although I call you dear spirits as a friend, Lets let the sorrows of man finish. Blessed be for all people who have listened to me, The song is done….So mote it be.

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