Alien Abduction Spell


This spell will make you have an alien abduction experience.

You may need the following items for this spell:

A room

Casting Directions for ‘Alien Abduction Spell’

This will force you to have an alien abduction.
First of all let me tell you, what is an alien abduction.
An abduction by these “Aliens” is a event in which you
Do not have the “will’ you’ll live this abduction.
But no recall, you will awaken and feel tired.
To recognize that you have been completely abducted you may
get these symptoms :

*Missing Time

Missing Time, is that you lost about from 2/10 minutes
Until 1/2 hours of life time. This because when an advanced
Alien comes to abduct you, they stop your life time.

*Yellow Glue

The Yellow Glue is just another symptom, and the alien will
regenerate your body

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