Forms of Spirits


My group has encountered many spirits and each encounter has given us new knowledge but this has to be the most important.

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Casting Instructions for ‘Forms of Spirits’

Everyone knows what a possession is, however, not many understand that this is only one out of 3 forms a spirit can interact in the physical universe. The first type: Spiritual Manifestation. This is where a spirit has gained the ability to manifest itself without a need of a moderate or body, this is where their religious powers are at their strongest. This form allows them to use telekinesis, Telepathy, and other psychic powers, this is because they are more in contact with their religious form rather than their physical. This is the simplest to seal away due to its incapability to interact physically with its own body, its an easy target but one must know the proper container to seal such. The next type: Possession. This is where a soul takes more than a persons body, they can interact accordingly with the physical universe but forfeit some of their spiritual abilities by being contained in a physical body. This is a dangerous situation based upon the strength of the soul. This s rather tough to seal because you have to remove the soul from the body and include it someplace else. An exorcist is necessary for this, if none is available then run as far as you can. The third kind: Resurrection. This is the most dangerous it could be achieved in two ways, the first a necromancer managed to create a whole and roper revival of a spirit, and the moment the spirit that possessed the individual managed to completely take over the individual and its body had been remolded to fit the spirit. In this form the soul has all its powers and can interact with the physical world, there’s no more saving the victim in this situation. You will have to kill the physical body and seal the soul afterwards, this is nearly impossible, don’t engage alone.

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