A Spell to Release the Past


Also known as the cord-cutting ritual, this spell helps release emotional, mental and spiritual ties that rob you of growth, peace and happiness. By using the power of your calm, clear mind and amplifying it, this spell helps end any unwanted relationships and ties in your life, leaving no harm behind if performed correctly. It doesn’t have to be directed towards another person – you can also release any part of your own energy that is ridden with doubt and darkness, such as harmful habits or negative beliefs.

The most important part of this sacred ritual is staying true to yourself. While you perform it, allow yourself to feel any feelings that come up in your heart, and allow the resulting energy to become the foundation of your work. If you wish, you can also call for help from any friendly spirits or deceased relatives (preferably those you worked with before).

To perform this releasing spell, acquire the following items:

  • Three candles: one red (representing your passion for life), one white (representing the purity of your intentions), and one blue (representing wisdom and calmness)
  • A bundle of fresh basil
  • A deep glass bowl filled with rain water (if you don’t have access to rain water, filtered water is a suitable alternative)

This is how to perform the spell to cut cords and release your past:

This ritual is best performed outdoors – however, if not possible, find a well-lit, quiet space.

Light the candles – first, the white one , focusing on the divine pure light; then, the blue one, appreciating the wisdom of the universe; and finally, the red one, finding the passion within.

Place basil in the bowl, and wash your face with the basil water.

Clear your mind, focus and say the following:

Cutting cords, releasing ties
For my past, it’s just goodbyes

Blow the candles and take as much time as you need to meditate and reflect on the ritual.

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