A Spell for a Smooth Divorce


Going through a divorce tends to be a difficult time for both partners and isn’t always as smooth as you wish it would be. Hearts are broken, hopes are shuttered, and the future remains uncertain – all those factors contribute to significant grief and sense of emptiness. One of the worst things that can happen to a witch is falling into a downward spiral of shame, self-loathing and blame whilst going through a divorce. To address this issue, a special bond-breaking ritual can be performed.

When performed correctly and with the right intentions, this spell can help break the emotional bond and mend a broken heart, restoring the positive energy in your life and lifting your spirit.

To perform the ritual, gather the following:

  • A 3 by 3-inch square piece of blank parchment (blank paper can be used too)
  • A gel pen with red ink
  • Sharp scissors

Now that you’ve gathered your supplies, do the following to cast the Smooth divorce spell:

Get into the right mindset. You need to be certain what problems resulting from the divorce that you wish to work through during the ritual, and why. For instance, you may wish to observe feelings of attachment, sadness and grief, and attempt to let go of them.

The ritual is best performed on a starry night. Find a quiet room with minimal lights.

With your red-ink pen, write “I release [name] from my soul” 9 times horizontally, and 9 times vertically on the piece of parchment, starting each sentence on a new line and keeping the gaps consistent. When your intention paper is complete, hold it for a few minutes with your eyes closed and focus on your intentions. Then, cut the paper with your scissors into the smallest possible pieces. The shreds are to be buried under an old tree.

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