A Spell For Moving House


Whether you’re stuck at the purchasing or selling point, this spell can get the energies moving to conclude the deal.

You will need the following items for this spell:

4 frankincense or fern incense sticks Picture/key of the property (or both) Bowl of water

Casting Instructions for ‘A Spell For Moving House’

Find an estate agents picture of your present house or the one you wish to buy. In addition to it, place four frankincense or fern incense sticks, to represent the sides of an invisible square. Inside this square, place the key.

Light the four incense sticks, saying for each: May the winds of change blow off stagnation. Take the incense place in the middle top of the square and pass it three times around the key and picture, saying: Thus I remove one wall and, with its power transformed, move forward.

Plunge the incense stick to a bowl of cold water. The end will harden so that you can write on paper using it like a pencil. Without thinking, let words form from your magic pencil, advising another step you should take to bring closer the home move. Repeat this for the other 3 sticks until you have written four steps with the four incense sticks. You will find that the solutions you wrote offer new avenues that you had not considered.

Set the key and picture close to an open window or door at which the air can circulate across them. Each evening, set your key and image on the table and light a single frankincense stick to keep the energies moving, wafting it around in three circles , saying: May the winds of change blow off stagnation. If you hit another impasse, repeat the ritual.

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