Prosperity Pouch


This is a spell. It’s a pouch that brings prosperity. Feel free to mail me with your results!

You will need the following items for this spell:

-5″ by 5″ cloth square (do not use dark colors for the fabric it could have a negative affect) – bowl to mix the herbs in – yarn or string to tie the pouch with – blossom leaves – bayberries – pine needles – almond oil ( optional because its not always available)

Casting Directions for ‘Prosperity Pouch’

Making this pouch is pretty simple but if you have any questions email me.
Step 1: put the bayberries and sage to the bowl. Do not place the pine needles in since the needles will need to be crushed into smaller pieces so that they can fit in the pouch.

Step 2: crush the pine needles. You can use your hands or a mortal and pestle for this if you want. As soon as you are done crushing them, put them in the bowl with the other herbs.

Step 3: mix the berries, sage, and needles together in exactly the same bowl.

Step 4: put out the fabric on a flat surface. Put two tablespoons of this mixture onto the middle of the cloth.

Step 5: place three drops of almond oil on top of the mixture on the fabric. If you don’t have almond oil then you can skip this step.

Step 6: Bring all of the sides of the fabric together and twist it once. Tie the sting around the twist tight enough so that it won’t come apart.

Step 7: Now, put the pouch somewhere. You can set it in different places for different things. For example, if you would like your garden to flourish, put the pouch in a gardening shed or hang it on the garden fence. I usually place mine on the mantle piece or over the door or next to my bed. You can even carry it with you in the event you want.These make great gifts too.

Now your done!

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