A spell created to assist one in the mental, spiritual and physical transformation into a wolf shifter. This spell takes on mind and body to create the perfect mindset of a wolf, to aid you in locating this mindset, and to guide you into the physical shift in a minimal period of time.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Candle of any colour Bowl of water Sandalwood incense or an incense containing sandalwood with holder Percussion instrument or chime Pinch of salt Clear quartz Labradorite Shaman stone Moonstone Coin Picture of a wolf (this is what your wolf will resemble most) Representation of kind of wolf (Listed below.) Necklace

Casting Directions for ‘Wolf’

Type of wolf:

Normal grey wolf: Nothing

Large/Dire wolf (like Twilight wolf in appearance): Red jasper

Winged wolf (less likely to work): Feather; primaries work best. Use the largest you can find.

Moon only (no shifting at will, only under moon, more likely to work): Sunstone

Drop a couple of grains of salt in the water and scatter the rest in your working space. Light the incense. Put the stones around the base of the candle. Hold each on your hand, roll it around a bit. Take in the energy. When holding the moonstone, imagine the day as the time of the mundane, the known, the realm of logic. Close your eyes, relax, clear your mind, and imagine the sun. It is slowly sinking down an afternoon sky. See its light, bask in the comfort of the easy road, the comfort of what is known. Consider your dreams of the human world as you watch the sun.

Soon it’s sunset. Imagine the night as magic, forests, and wolves. Imagine when the sun sets you will enter this world of magic. Now watch as the sun sinks below the horizon. Now the entire moon is high in the sky. Feel the magic, just out of your reach. Now view the daytime sky again. You’re in the mid-afternoon, whee the sun remains high but is sinking towards the night, where magic takes over. You will shortly dip beneath this sunset. With all your energy, place the sun on its path into the horizon.

Pick up the clear quartz. Really think to yourself why you want to be a wolf. Conjure up images of why you want the wish, and how it will take place. Stay away from negative images, since they might come true. Concentrate on the positive for now. When you are certain of your wish, touch the quartz into the water. Close your eyes and envision a moonbeam striking the quartz from the heavens and flowing into the water, filling it with this night magic, these wolves which you desire so, the kind that you would like so much that it hurts.

Hold the labradorite and really concentrate on the notion of changing, of shifting into a wolf, of the exhilaration, this freedom. View yourself in a field, with a town behind you, bustling with excitement and the mundane. Look to it. Facing you is just two items. An orb of light and a coin, a token of humanity in your hand. And if you look beyond them, there is a dark forest, full of magick and wonder, confusion and excitement, a world of the unknown. Look down. Do you choose the coin and city, or orb and forest? Throw the one you didnt pick into a river runnin beside you, where it washes away. If you have decided on the coin, promptly end the spell. You have probably chosen the orb, so travel to the forest, and pick up the pace. Run and leap into your wolf form, and only spend some time searching through the wolfs eyes, running and climbing and exploring. When you’re done. Stand up in your wolfs hind legs and fall back into your body. Open your eyes and end the visualization.

Hold the shaman stone, today, and know that your trip will be long and tough. Know it will all be worthwhile. And trust in the spell, as you know it will take you there, take you to the wolf form you wish for.

Pick up the coin. Consider humanity, this token being your connection to it. Put the coin on the candle flame until part of it’s covered in soot. Forget the human world for now. You’re a wolf. Throw the coin into a corner, or even bury it if you’re outside. You will not touch it again. If you’re very serious about this, put the coin in a small wrapping of paper so that your hands never contact it again even if you decide to dispose of it afterwards.

Slowly begin drumming on the instrument while looking at your picture. Put on the necklace and keep drumming while thinking to yourself: I am a wolf. I am a wolf. When you are relaxed, hold the stones in your hands and say:

I am a wolf, my mind is a wolf, my body is a wolf, my soul is a wolf. Human to wolf, wolf. In an instant I change without any pain. I run to the forest, the vale and the glen. Through night and day, snow and rain. I call from inside my greatest desire. The deepest wish I Can feel

Come and pierce me, change my mind. My body, my soul, make me real. The flame burning bright within. Change my mind to a wolf mind. With (a size so good and strong/wings so large and thick/fangs as sharp as daggers) o moon. This is real and true and wonderful. And it will come.

Harm be to none, not myself or ye – This is my will, mote it be.

Now drink the water, imagining its wolf energy filling you and changing your mind, body and soul to those of a wolf.

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