Wolf Instincts


To assist you become a wolf shifter.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Silver candle Ceramic bowl Small ceramic plate to put the candle on Golden blossom Dry leaf A piece of paper Silver pen

Casting Instructions for ‘Wolf Instincts’

Write on the paper:

“I shall growl as a wolf.
I shall howl for a wolf.
I instinctively act like I am a wolf.
I think of myself as a wolf.
I dream of myself.
I see myself as a (species of wolf).
I show anger as a wolf does.
I show fear as a wolf does.
I show sadness as a wolf does.
I reveal joy as a wolf does.
As a wolf does I reveal playfulness.
I show pride for a wolf does.
My mind changes to be more like a wolf.
I will learn of the wolf to be as the wolf.
I will speak of the wolf and think of the wolf.
All I wish is to be a wolf.
A wolf, a wolf, I gain the instincts of a wolf!”

Now say three times:

“Free me from my human chains!
I will howl in the night and dancing in the rain.
Wolf instincts my system fill
As I run across plain, mountain and mountain.
In the woods my pack I shall greet,
Merry part and merry meet.
Howling, hunting, playing
I shall be there beneath the moon.
The wolf will be a part of me!
This is my will, O mote it be!”

Now take the flower and dip it in the hot wax of the candle. Burn the leaf and the paper and put them in the bowl as they burn. Now make a silent prayer to Lupa. Be very respectful. Now close the ring and blow the candle out.

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