Were-wolf Spell


This spell is guaranteed to make you a were-wolf, but beware, it might change your life to either worse or better.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Full moon Your voice Belief in this spell and shapeshifters

Casting Instructions for ‘Were-wolf Spell’

Print or Memorize this charm:

By the light of the moon and our piercing howls,
We’re further transformed into cunning beasts,
From the circle of life to the evolution of man,
I shall be reawakened as one with the land.

Say it 10 times while taking a look at the entire moon WITHOUT messing up, if you mess up wait 20 minutes then try again, the night you do the spell you may dream of a wolf, remember that wolf because thats you on your wolf form.
Side effects apear in 2-3 weeks.
Side effects:

Eye color change
Hungry right after eating
Muscle aches
Back aches
Anger issues
Attempting to go outside more
Getting excited about Dogs/wolves
Closer to animals
Better agility
Sharper teeth
Teeth aches
Meat craving
Urge to bark/howl
More active
Sleepy when inactive
Blurry vision
Feeling weird
Bettr senses
The effects vary from individual, so if some effects dont apear, dont worry.
You will transform when the full moon is seen by you, you wont remember your change regrettably. The first transformation is very VERY painful, so beware, but following the 5 transformatiosn it wont hurt as bad. After five transformations you can control your shifts and transform when you want by concentrating on your wolf form. You will have full control in your wolf form, you wont kill anyone unless you choose to.
Film yourself changing at your own will, it may get you wanted for scientific expiriments and even killed by other werewolves for exposing them.
If you doubt this spell or dont believe in shapeshifters, why are you even here?

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14 thoughts on “Were-wolf Spell”

  1. 1. So when you transform into a werewolf and when you dream about it can you transform yourself into a werewolf with clothes on when you gonna transform?
    2.can you run faster and be stronger than any human

  2. Ok, I have a lot of questions I hope someone could answer to me:

    Will you change the same night you do the spell? Or do you have to wait till the next full moon to experience your first transformation?

    Will clothes rip when shifting?

    Will turning into were-wolf give you nonhuman strength and/or speed? I know the senses like eyesight, smell and hearing are already improved…

    After the first shift will the person be able to shift at will? No matter the time of the day or moon? Or it will only be during the full moon?

    Of what I’ve read, were-wolves always have and need a mate. Does that mean the person will have to find another were-wolf in order to fall in love? Or can it be a normal person?

    What if the person already has more than one of these side effects? Without even doing the spell?

  3. My guess this is fake, to become a beast you’d probably have to do a pentagram candles do it at night on the right day in a full moon and chant a spell that was from the times of Skin Walkers, either do a sacrifice or sell your soul, which becoming a werewolf you’d either please the devil by killing and offering souls which would probably get you a nice spot in hell. I mean imagine how the ancestors would do it, sacrificial stones where found by archeologists their use? Maybe even such things like this. Spells chanted from their hearts without doubt, I will try to do a spell but obviously not this one, drawing a pentagram will be a bummer 0-o, might or might not report back, will try this spell too, will also report back, or I might not as I might be dead.

  4. How long dose it take you to transform the first time.

    and can you tell anyone like a beast friend if they aren’t a werewolf that you are one.

    and what color would your eyes change to and how would you keep your family from noticing and asking questions.

    I realy Wana try this

  5. I’m a newbie to this kind of thing bit on sick and tired of my normal life so I really Wana try this it would be sooo cool and I love wolves so it’s gonna be amazing but I have a few questions no doubt but has this worked for anyone maby you have some tips or something

    And do we have to wait for the full moon affter we do the spell to turn for the first time

    And will I grow hair everywhere and it stay like
    when I’m human

    And what color would my eyes change they are dark brown rn would the still change?

    And if anyone has any tips on how to make shure it works or how to hide your being a wherewolf pleas reply to this comint I’m doing this next full moon so please if you have any tips reply to this comic I will be checking every day till the next full moon

  6. Ok so what moon wuld be beast for this like the cold moon or the wolf moon or what (the moons of Dec and Jan) I really really want to become a wherewolf or be Abel to turn into a wolf really hope someone culd answer me ASAP PLEAS I REALLY WANA DOO THIS!!!


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